About Luna Gallery Knitted Textiles

Exquisite knitted textiles – designed locally
– created in Melbourne

Finely crafted – distinctive and individual style

• Seamless knitted jumpers
• Knitted loungewear
• Textural knitted blankets
• Original baby blankets, knitted in Melbourne.

The Luna process begins with meticulous sourcing of handsome natural yarns. It continues through individual knit design until the ultimate fresh “look and feel” is created. The aim always, to achieve a finished product of character and strength for you to experience. And enjoy.

This is intelligent design with natural yarns you’ll love for feel, function, style and sustainability. The outcome? An exclusive original line of lifestyle knitwear.

To create something special for you, we work with the finest and most talented programmers and technicians . . . exploring the latest in knit technology.

With Luna products you can share our passion for textiles with unparalleled style.
Intuitively you know this is luxury you deserve.

Supporting the local knit industry.
Making our environment more sustainable.

Casually elegant lifestyle knitwear
– proudly Australian Since 2000

‘We proudly produce knitted ranges with love and expertise in Australia - always supporting our local knit industry.’

For an appointment to view our luscious creations, please contact us