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Light & Luscious Knits in Kid Mohair April 5th, 2017

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Kid Mohair light and luscious knitwear by Luna Gal Melbourne

With crisp mornings & cool nights, the time is now for knits.

Luna Gal releases range 2 for Autumn with our signature SUPER kid mohair – beautiful quality, superfine & soft – knitted with extrafine merino wool for that super snug feel.

Yummmm – that light & luscious layer for warmth & glamour.

Daniela Gregis – knit design March 19th, 2017

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Knit design by Daniella Gregis is one of our faves at Luna Gal.

…tricycle, cycle, recycle…each thing has use as something else, and everything is transformed…forward, backward, return…it’s the path of a child, the zigzag of a mend…to play, to work, to help…a different tricycle in each time of life, received from someone and then given to another, life a craft or a big coat…three buttons, three wheels, three colours, it takes so little to do so much…waste becomes thread, thread becomes fabric, fabric becomes filling…yellow in the sky, evening night blue and naturals…beginning with what one is, working with what one has, living, preserving, transforming…

triciclo the wonderful inspiration of Daniela Gregis for her Autumn Winter 2017/2018 range.

An Autumn Addition March 1st, 2017

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Luna Gal Autumn knitwear - pure combed cotton - range 1.

Our Luna Gal 1st knitwear drop for Autumn — Pure Soft Cotton Melange.

Throughout the Seasons we will be offering you knitted collections in our beautifully sourced yarns:
Extrafine Merino Wool
Super Kid Mohair
Cashmire & Pima Cotton
& our new find …
Cupro blended with Extrafine Merino & Cotton.

We hope these smaller capsule ranges will allow flexibility & a tighter range plan within your store.

The retail landscape is changing, and it must be incredibly hard to place orders so far out of season.
We hope we can work more closely with you to deliver styles & colours that offer a point of difference.
As a local designer / manufacturer, we have that capability.

Our next range … extrafine merino wool … our favourite fibre.

Warmest Wishes

Simpler Days … more time to Knit February 28th, 2017

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Luna Gallery is daring to be different - new goals for 2017.

Knitting to a new Pattern.

This year Luna Gallery dares to be different – choosing not to do trade fairs – nor presenting vast ranges.

We have been wanting to ‘cut the cord’ for many years but usually suffered FOMO in the lead up. As a very well established Life inStyle exhibitor – one of the first 8 to start the show – it was a big decision.

But we feel we need to do things differently – get off the hamster wheel – go back to our roots and simply design knits … with our knitters.

We love the process of knit design, but it doesn’t always go to plan.
It is a VERY organic process … and that my friends is what we do – produce knitted products from a twinkling of an idea starting from beautiful natural fibres.

… so forgive us for retreating from the social mediums for a bit, but sometimes we just need to
‘knit to our own pattern’.

Knitting to our own Pattern February 6th, 2017

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Luna Gallery knits to a new pattern in 2017.

We wont be going to Life InStyle this season – this time round we are knitting up a new pattern.

Opting for simpler days … and working with our clients in more meaningful ways.

Here’s to new adventures, new knits … & new client liaisons.

KNIT ON Luna Gal

Luna Gallery on Houzz January 9th, 2017

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Luna Gallery on Houzz blog

Houzz is a platform for home renovation and design, bringing homeowners
and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.

See our profile on:

Sourcing Beautiful Natural Yarns February 8th, 2017

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Yarn sourcing inspiration for Luna Gallery Knitwear

Our inspiration for knit design begins with the yarn.

It has to be soft … yet resilient
Consistently spun with a perfect twist
Natural fibres, ethically grown & processed
Colours to inspire & suit our market
Available from a reliable yarn supplier … yes … many times we have been let down
by yarn shysters!
Machine washable (if possible) & Total Easy Care

So as you wear and enjoy your Luna Knit, know that we have worked hard to bring you a product of integrity … a garment designed for longevity … an original knit created from a simple & natural fibre.

… looking back on 2016 December 28th, 2016

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luna reflects on 2016 and inspiring milestones

As the year zooms, we reflect on the folk who have helped, inspired & ‘bloody well’ kept us
on track this 2016.
Not only friends & family … but our knitters & their fabulous & loyal staff.
Our fellow design gang, our golden clients …
photographer, super stylist & gorgeously generous team.

And yet the passion of a few young folk met on the journey IS the most inspiring.
It is their vision & determination to ‘believe’ … to keep knit, wool &
our local industry alive & thriving in Oz.

Knitting in Australia has become really hard – the challenges vast
– yet SO many stand by us … and believe.


Lazy Days January 6th, 2017

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Dreaming of lazy days Luna Style

January – a time to slow down, rest, relax, renew – lazy days & hot nights.

And a time to ponder all things new for the year … what colours, what yarns, where will be get our inspiration … what will ‘float our boat’ for the coming Season.

As the Rooster is this years star – and a fire Rooster at that – will he have us meticulously pecking at our protocols, snapping us into line … will flamboyance come back into style?
Being a Rooster myself … I hope so … bring back RED.