it’s WOOL WEEK Australia May 8th, 2016

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merino wool

we love to celebrate wool – and this week is WOOL WEEK – a campaign for WOOL by the Woolmark Company.

Merino Wool is indeed OUR favourite fibre to knit with, as we ALWAYS strive to support our farmers, their sheep, and enduring hard work … and their dogs too.

But how beautiful is wool to wear? The most versatile of yarns : it is warm, nurturing, durable, sustainable, NATURAL, resilient … the list goes on.

We use Australian Wool ~ extrafine merino wool which is 18.5 micron AND superwash ~ machine wash & tumble dry.

SO … here’s to WOOL … sheep … and their farmers – our wool growers of Australia.
WE @ luna applaud you and support you forever!

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Luna Lounge is a celebration of knit for relaxed comfort & ease.

Soft textural knitted gowns designed for everyday – every night luxury – living with you through thick & thin – inside & out the door.
Soft & machine washable, these garments are for sharing, for lounging … over PJ’s for school drop offs & supermarket … lazy days & intimate nights.

It’s the simple pleasures that count!
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Autumn Tones & Textures April 2nd, 2016

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luna loves autumn, textures & tones, figs & chestnuts, apples & pears

the nights are chilly, the light is fading & we rug up in our favourite knits.

Heading out of town & gathering local produce is a seasonal delight — figs & chestnuts, apples & pears, tomatoes & carrots abound — a lavish offering of colour, tone, texture … & nutrition.

As we say farewell to daylight saving, we relish the new season’s produce, the extra hour Sunday sleep in … & yummy wool knits to nurture & keep us warm.

Extrafine Australian Merino ~ Wool at its finest & best ~ knitted in Melbourne.

March Production ~ Working It! March 15th, 2016

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melbourne knit design, knit production, knitwear, knit blankets, made in melbourne

Knit production has SO many elements — yarn, tension, stitch, technology, finish — but most importantly…our machinery.

In March we hit the highways and worked in the factories — sewing and finishing our knits — learning more about our machines.
We work with both STOLL and Shima Seiki, and can honestly tell you first hand ~ they work hard ~ they are precision instruments but can only perform with the BEST operators.

So we applaud our knitters, our factories and our technicians. They work above and beyond — their staff are phenomenal — Australian Manufacture is alive and well.

Wool ~ Our Hero at Life in Style February 22nd, 2016

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life in style, wool knits, knitted blankets

This year at Life in Style we championed our Australian Extrafine Merino Wool for all ranges – home, baby and garments.
It was great to meet wool growers and farmers and lovers of our luscious local Merino Wool.

Australian Merino is of the highest quality, and well known Italian company’s — Zegna, Grignasco, Dive — all use Australian wool for their knitting and weaving yarns.
These high quality Italian company’s produce the most luxurious and resilient yarns for knits that keeps their shape and are easy to wash and care for.

We at Luna pursue excellence in yarns — and strive to create knits that best suit our customers lives — never sacrificing elegance for function. Extrafine merino wool knitted blankets by luna home

working in the factories January 29th, 2016

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knit sampling

Design is a pleasure ~ but working IN the knit factories is our greatest inspiration ~ seeing the stitches, yarns & colours come to life!
In January we hit the highways to our factories in Victoria with early 5am starts to beat the traffic – but not the knitters – the machines are running before dawn. Being really prepared with yarns & colours is a must, & our work sheets & wish lists were ready to roll.
But manufacturing…knitting especially…is not always smooth sailing. Whilst our 4gg ‘Mad Max’ was knitting like a dream, the 5gg was just not keen to ‘change tack’ – literally – so down-time was a little harrowing. Meanwhile the focus was on the 12gg – to create new superfine styles in extrafine merino wool – & we are proud to say they will be in stores very soon.
We love our knitters, their staff & the machinery — and remain dedicated to our cause & passion — to support & encourage our local knit industry! . Please join us in our quest.

the door to design is AJAR January 22nd, 2016

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Ajar window display - luna knits

January Knit inspo with HOT BLACK creating the latest look for AJAR window design  –  vibrant Spanish street  spirit  – capturing the energy of Barcelona’s unique  Las Ramblas.

AJAR FURNITURE represent the coolest of Spanish design.   Their showroom in Collingwood hosts collections from 15 brands – contemporary and original – suited to both commercial and residential applications.  Luna Home is in superb company with the team at AJAR curating our knitted blankets to compliment their spirited Spanish brands.

Visit their showroom or capture the spirit at

wishing you all a healthy & happy holiday December 24th, 2015

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a christmas wish from Luna Gallery

as 2015 comes to a close, we reflect on our year… it’s challenges, those who left us, new beginnings & our approach for the year to come.

After a little downtime this year – moving showroom & warehouse, re-locating factories, buying new machinery – we never gave up & Knit On.

“I personally thank you so much for your loyalty, understanding & patience – in this most challenging period in our 15 years. Yet our local knit industry IS alive & well … against all odds … & Luna remains true & devoted to the cause thanks to you.
To my team, family, friends & amazing clients – I could not have done it without you”

Buon Natale & Warmest Wishes for 2016,
Bev & Georgie & Melanie

TBDM – The Big Design Market December 2nd, 2015

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Luna Gallery @ Big Design Market Melbourne

Knitted, kitted & ready to Go – The Big Design market is an amazing shopping experience in December in Melbourne, with independent design alive.
For we designers who have no shop – this is a great arena to show our entire range, meet our market & escape our dungeons.
For those WITH a shop, it is a brilliant forum to promote ones brand & retail presence.
… and for the guests & shoppers … what a treat … independent design, great food & beverage … curated with atmosphere & style.
Thank you @bigdesignmarket for creating such an amazing event.

mini stripe knitted baby blankets – luna niños / pure cotton knitted kaftan tops – luna gal