Daniela Gregis – knit design March 19th, 2017

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Knit design by Daniella Gregis is one of our faves at Luna Gal.

…tricycle, cycle, recycle…each thing has use as something else, and everything is transformed…forward, backward, return…it’s the path of a child, the zigzag of a mend…to play, to work, to help…a different tricycle in each time of life, received from someone and then given to another, life a craft or a big coat…three buttons, three wheels, three colours, it takes so little to do so much…waste becomes thread, thread becomes fabric, fabric becomes filling…yellow in the sky, evening night blue and naturals…beginning with what one is, working with what one has, living, preserving, transforming…

triciclo the wonderful inspiration of Daniela Gregis for her Autumn Winter 2017/2018 range.

Sourcing Beautiful Natural Yarns February 8th, 2017

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Yarn sourcing inspiration for Luna Gallery Knitwear

Our inspiration for knit design begins with the yarn.

It has to be soft … yet resilient
Consistently spun with a perfect twist
Natural fibres, ethically grown & processed
Colours to inspire & suit our market
Available from a reliable yarn supplier … yes … many times we have been let down
by yarn shysters!
Machine washable (if possible) & Total Easy Care

So as you wear and enjoy your Luna Knit, know that we have worked hard to bring you a product of integrity … a garment designed for longevity … an original knit created from a simple & natural fibre.

Lazy Days January 6th, 2017

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Dreaming of lazy days Luna Style

January – a time to slow down, rest, relax, renew – lazy days & hot nights.

And a time to ponder all things new for the year … what colours, what yarns, where will be get our inspiration … what will ‘float our boat’ for the coming Season.

As the Rooster is this years star – and a fire Rooster at that – will he have us meticulously pecking at our protocols, snapping us into line … will flamboyance come back into style?
Being a Rooster myself … I hope so … bring back RED.

Porcelain art by ANNA SCHEEN December 5th, 2016

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Porcelain art by Anna Scheen - Lino Girl - Melbourne Design


I had the pleasure of seeing, feeling, admiring & buying this most beautiful art this past weekend. I am in love forever. Here is a STATEMENT BY THE ARTIST … also capturing our hearts.

“A quiet smile, a flash of anger before it is restrained, quiet love that goes un-noticed. The stillness of a room that has just been left, the quietness inside ourselves, the quiet strength that we gather in a moment of clarity….
It is these small aspects of everyday life that interest me the most. I am interested in the moments that we miss when we do not play the role of the careful observer. We miss the small changes in our environments until we are struck by the larger events that ask us for all of our attention. Working with porcelain, I find that as a material, it captures this fragile state in a very pure way.”
Anna Scheen

… and much loved by The Luna Gal.

POMME shop in Mornington November 16th, 2016

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New shop for Pomme in Mornington

Pomme … their beautiful new store.

Luna & Pomme have been close colleagues since dot & I have delighted in all their locations & spaces
… but this new one is HEAVEN.
Every nook, every corner, every cabinet & rack is so superbly curated … showcasing so much beauty, authentic design & an ingenuity you will not see anywhere else.
It is a spectrum of amazing design, art & textiles featuring @the_glass_studio @designs.by.flick @neil.williams.art @dinosaur_designs … & a favourite label of mine from Portugal @tmcollection … to name just a few.
And so much elegant space, there is even a corner for ‘shopdog’ Tully – a deliciously sweet caramel spaniel.
Congratulations Sue, you are a marvel & an inspiration always.

#melbourneretail #atitsfinest #morningtonpeninsula #pomme #artisanjewelry #textiles #glassartist

Mood Indigo – all shades of Blue October 31st, 2016

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textile knit design in shades of indigo blue

Indigo is among the oldest colours to be used for textile dyeing and printing. A variety of plants have provided indigo throughout history, but most natural indigo was obtained from those in the genus Indigofera – native to the tropics.

Cobalt blue pigment and indigo blue dye are two of the most distinctive and influential colourants employed by artists worldwide.

But it is the beauty of sea and sky – especially in the open ocean of the tropics – that truly reflects the spectrum of blue. Dreaming of blue skies on grey days, diving into crystal clear blue water whilst trapped at work, singing the blues, feeling blue … those moody blues manoeuvre through so many of our emotions. They capture light, dark and shade.

So this month we celebrate BLUE – all shades of blue – and continue our knit design journey, illuminating and reflecting all our moods.

Mood Indigo – music by Duke Ellington and Barney Bigard with lyrics by Irving Mills – classic jazz.
…..and maybe MY favourite version is by the late great Nina Simone…..

our brand identity by Charcoal Creative October 12th, 2016

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Luna Gallery branding and website design by Charcoal Creative

Loyalty is incredibly important, and we have been so lucky with the creative folk who have been with us since dot to evolve the Luna Gallery brand philosophy.

Charcoal Creative designed our new Luna Gallery brand identity and website. We love our graphics guy Ash Nadji – who has worked on all our projects since 2000.

thank you Ash for going above and beyond – for your loyalty, dedication, patience and kindness.
… not to mention your amazing talent and creativity … and perfecting our look and feel.

Friends for Life.

The Scent of Spring October 6th, 2016

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The scent of Spring at Luna Gallery

Senteurs is the French expression for scent or perfume — & Studio Senteurs has created the most divine perfumes, which are now very much a part of the Luna Gal daily wardrobe.

With the absence of any sunshine here in Melbourne, we savour these alluring scents, to remind us of Spring … to bring us courage & joy … to lighten up these grey days.

Each signature scent is inspired by & designed with love, imagination & individuality.
I particularly fell in lust with Figueres in our salubrious stylists studio bathroom – & from there history is made – I now love, adore & wear perfume. But only Studio Senteurs has enticed me to do so.

Passionate about our planet, their practice is 100% Australian owned, exclusively using ethically sourced natural ingredients from Australia & New Zealand.
All Studio Senteurs formulations are toxicity free & vegan, using the highest quality organic alcohol sourced from sugar cane.

… and as the very lovely founder Anyes Dequidt says … ” We honour our quality ingredients by selecting the finest essential oils & resins to stimulate your ‘bien-Etre’ (well being). ”

We love your ‘scentiments’ Anyes xx

Styling by Louise Paterson
Photography by Lucy Morton … the dream team … and is that our knitted blanket in the background?

Ninos Knitted Baby Beanies September 29th, 2016

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Knitted baby beanies made in melbourne by Luna Ninos

Luna Niños is the originator of fine quality baby knitwear in Australia.
We began with a vision to create simple yet stylish exquisite knitwear for baby’s & kids back in 2002. True design takes a long, long time – especially with sizing & fit – but we had the best help & expertise … our FRIENDS & CLIENTS … & our KNITTERS.

Initially there were 8 styles in our range – and we still love them ALL after 14 years – timeless design lasts a long, long time. And so do really good quality knits!

So after a decade of sitting back watching the fast paced, fast fashion & furiously fast world of ‘way too many trends’, we have our own conclusion … LET’S KEEP THIS REAL…LET’S KEEP THIS SIMPLE. let’s re-produce our beautiful, original knitwear range – because quality sings – quality knits last & are loved for a lifetime.

Dreams do come true … and we hope our dream & vision will outlast the fast … we believe it will.
@luna.ninos #knitsforlife