Winter Solstice ~ the true start of Winter June 21st, 2016

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Knitting with Provenance - a lovely knit event with Luna Gallery knitted merino wool blankets

The 21st June marks the shortest day of the year – and the real beginning to our Winter in Melbourne.
Winter can be gloomy and grey … but we love to rug up, hunker down, and enjoy slow cooked nourishing food … and our wool knits … and knitting.
Knit blankets and warm wool jumpers are our forte – and phones run hot with enquiries and orders from our clients.
SO … gloom is not all bad … it is just shaded grey or partial darkness.
Embrace the grey and our shortest day!

Wool Blankets in Winter June 5th, 2016

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Australian merino wool knitted blankets by Luna Gallery Melbourne

We love wool blankets in winter – that extra layer of knitted wool – drapes & nurtures like nothing else.

Merino Wool is indeed OUR favourite fibre to knit with, as we ALWAYS strive to support our farmers, their sheep, and enduring hard work … and their dogs too.

Support Australian farmers … and please … support australian made knit manufacture.
We know KNIT & we know & love GOOD WOOL.