Simpler Days … more time to Knit February 28th, 2017

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Luna Gallery is daring to be different - new goals for 2017.

Knitting to a new Pattern.

This year Luna Gallery dares to be different – choosing not to do trade fairs – nor presenting vast ranges.

We have been wanting to ‘cut the cord’ for many years but usually suffered FOMO in the lead up. As a very well established Life inStyle exhibitor – one of the first 8 to start the show – it was a big decision.

But we feel we need to do things differently – get off the hamster wheel – go back to our roots and simply design knits … with our knitters.

We love the process of knit design, but it doesn’t always go to plan.
It is a VERY organic process … and that my friends is what we do – produce knitted products from a twinkling of an idea starting from beautiful natural fibres.

… so forgive us for retreating from the social mediums for a bit, but sometimes we just need to
‘knit to our own pattern’.

Knitting to our own Pattern February 6th, 2017

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Luna Gallery knits to a new pattern in 2017.

We wont be going to Life InStyle this season – this time round we are knitting up a new pattern.

Opting for simpler days … and working with our clients in more meaningful ways.

Here’s to new adventures, new knits … & new client liaisons.

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