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Australian Made Knitwear Designer Luna Gallery - their story.
Exquisite Knitted Textiles
Locally Made
with Care


Our knit textile dream began in 1999, with a strong ethos for local manufacture, pure natural yarns and belief in sustainability + quality.


Intelligent knit design begins with natural yarns.


     It has to be soft … yet resilient

     Consistently spun with a perfect twist

     Natural fibres, ethically grown & processed

     Colours to inspire & Total Easy Care


… knitted for feel, function, style and sustainability.


Working with Victoria’s best knit technicians, Luna Gallery developed Couch Cardy© – clothing for your furniture in 2000 – now Luna Home.


Founder and Director, Beverley Armstrong, pooled her fashion design, marketing and ‘years’ of ragtrade experience to create a range of simple yet stylish knitted apparel + lounge wear in 2002 – Luna Gal.


Luna Niños – our baby knitwear range – 2002.    The concept:- create simple, stylish, quality knits – pure, natural fibres – wash and wear – long lasting – to nurture and breathe.

These sensory collections were crafted, predominantly, using Shima Seiki wholegarment® technology — no seams — zero waste.

Seamless knitting was new to Australia in 2002.    Our passion for quality local manufacture led us to knitters we still work with today. Together we develop innovative knitwear, forever grateful for the experience, their loyalty and kinship.


Luna creates natural, comfy knits with a signature organic style …  FEEL & QUALITY … is our key.


With Luna products you can share our passion for textiles and love of easy-living knits.


Supporting the local knit industry.

Caring for our environment.


Lifestyle knitwear – proudly
Australian Made Since 2000

‘Knits created with care and expertise in Australia
– proudly supporting our local knit industry.’

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