Luna Jumpers April 9th, 2018

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Autumn Knitwear by Luna Gal Melbourne - Australian made best knit jumpers.

Slightly bragging here, but we reckon we make a damn fine jumper.

Our rib sleeve boxy crop has been a staple for … ummmm 8 or 9 years? And still our customers want more.

But this Autumn – 2018 – we have 3 new knit jumpers which we think are pretty gorgeous too … and plenty more to come as the seasons progress.

The roll neck in cotton has been a total winner over Summer and Autumn, but now we are getting into … slightly cooler weather, we have our Superfine Merino Wool 3/4 sleeve 10 gauge and the Roll Neck also in Wool.

Here’s to another beautiful Autumn, great knitwear and happy healthy days.