Luna Niños – Knits for Life – now on Instagram September 21st, 2016

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knitted beanies and designer baby knits melbourne

Luna Niños began in 2002 with a vision to create simple yet stylish quality knitwear for baby’s & kids.   True design takes a long, long time – especially with sizing & fit – but we had the best help & expertise … our FRIENDS & CLIENTS … & our KNITTERS.

Initially there were 8 styles in our range – and we still love them ALL after 14 years – timeless design lasts a long, long time.  And so do really good quality knits!

We love seeing our knits being passed down from sibling to sibling.  But we adore hearing our knit blankets & garments, knitted beanies & booties ‘just won’t be parted with’ – ‘they WILL NOT share’ – because they love them to bits.   We totally get that!

So after a decade of sitting back watching the fast paced, fast fashion & furiously fast world of ‘way too many trends’, we have our own conclusion…LET’S KEEP THIS REAL…LET’S KEEP THIS SIMPLE.   Let’s re-produce our beautiful, original knitwear range – because quality sings – quality knits last & are loved for a lifetime.

We are proud … & a little daunted … to launch Luna Niños on instagram @luna.ninos      Originators of fine quality baby & kids knitwear made in Australia – producing wholegarment ® seamless technology – right back when we were told ‘it wasn’t possible’.

Dreams do come true … and we hope our dream & vision will outlast the fast … we believe it will.                                                Luna Niños #knitsforlife