our celebration of WOOL – Ban Xiao Xue July 12th, 2014

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We love Ban Xiao Xu - Woolmark Prize 2013

Nature, in all her majestical glory, is what inspires Chinese fashion designer Ban Xiao Xue the most. 

“I live in a country surrounded by rivers and mountains, so I have always been quite sensitive to nature’s beauty such as flowers, trees and mountains, “explains Ban. “If you look closely into things that are commonly regarded as ugly, you can also find beauty. If you can use these methods when designing, your design will be unique.”

It was his innovative and unique designs which won over the esteemed jury during the 2012/2013
International Woolmark Prize (IWP) Asia regional final. 

Featured here is a mere snippet of the beautiful WOOL creations by Ban Xiao Xue from his prolific
presentation – he quotes ‘BIRTH GROWTH METAMORPHOSIS’ ~ ‘warm as sunshine, light as air’. 

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