Richmond Ragtrade Blues June 20th, 2015

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Richmond Ragtrade Industrial Icons Luna Gallery

‘Have you seen the old signs, in the back streets of Richmond, more forgotten hero’s, for a world that doesn’t care’.
Sadly old signs and industry icons are all we have left these days, with local manufacture diminishing by the minute…second even!
But this Ragtrade industry icon is getting a glorious makeover thanks to Glasshaus Nursery.
Back in the old Ragtrade days – Richmond Laundry was our weekly go to for denim and wovens, and Vince del Brocco was the MASTER of washing and finishing knitted textiles. But sadly these businesses have been forced to close…and we have lost these great characters…the heart and soul of our industry…and with them the skills and expertise.
But our beloved local industry lives on – in signs, in icons, in memory and still in our passion and determination to create and produce knitwear and fashion locally.
‘Long Live Melbourne Manufacture’