roads by dominik staszowski May 9th, 2014

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We have had the pleasure of working with Dominik on a few of our fashion shoots and now we have the pleasure to present his superb Photography from his book ROADS. Between 2009 and 2010, he spent 7 months traveling through more than 30 Countries shooting and documenting various aspects of the World.
Here is a little snippet.!essays/c1rqs
we love working with Dominik – he is truly amazing.


Siberian Emptiness photo essay was shot during one of the harshest winters in Russia. The essay captures my Trans-Siberian train journey which took me from St Petersburg through to Vladivostok and continued through China and Mongolia. Spanning a massive 9,500km in Russia alone and seven time zones, the journey was filled with emotion and subdued and monotone Landscape. When you spend more than two days on the train, it becomes your second home, and during the 30 days on the train, I got to know the conductors, different people from all walks of life, you spend a lot of time with co-passengers, interacting with them, sharing life stories, customs and a special bond is being formed on board which challenges your perception and view on life in it’s self. This photo essay portrays the vast landscape that surrounded my inner thoughts and emotions during the month I spent on the train.


End Of The Road Arriving at my last point of travel in Ulan Bator after travelling on the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian, I had little knowledge nor expectations as to what laid ahead in this part of the world. Driven in a 4×4 about 2 hours from the capital to my destination in a deep valley surrounded by mountains, I remember thinking “what on earth am I doing here?” -35 degree temparatures, no road access, just snow covered landscape and not a human being in sight. In a moment of hesitation, it became all too clear to me, what privilege it was being here right now in this surreal and majestic place. I could not be more withdrawn from civilazation than I was at that present time, and my hesitation turned into appreciation. This photo essay portrays the white landscape that surrounded me during my stay in this what I called White Desolated Joie De Vivre.