Take Care ~ Knitwear Repair September 15th, 2018

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Darining & Knitwear Repair - Luna Gal tips.

It happens – your favourite knit has a hole but you can’t bear to part with it.
Here is a stitch by stitch knitwear repair kit that is also, very therapeutic.
Thanks to The Yarn Loop for their inspiration & painstaking photo’s.

1. You will need:
• A darning mushroom (although you can easily substitute this with an old light bulb, a boiled egg, or a ladle). boiled egg ??? really?

• Darning yarn: make sure it is of similar weight or slightly lighter than the yarn in which the item to be darned was knitted.

2. If necessary, tidy up any loose threads around the hole. The area to be darned here is shown by the circle of mending thread.

3. A stocking darn is worked from the wrong side. Put the darning mushroom behind the hole and pull the fabric over it. Starting at the lower left corner, pick up alternate purl bumps, working your way up, using a column of purl bumps ‘pointing up’. First put all the loops on the needle, before pulling it through. Leave a short tail.