Take Care ~ Repair 3 September 15th, 2018

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Darn and Repair your knitwear - tips by Luna Gal

7. Now start working across. This time, you only have to pick up the darning thread; again, picking up alternate strands. There is no need to cover the whole area, just one or two strands outside the hole will suffice.

8. As before, pick up the opposite strands on the way back and leave a little loop at the turning point, thus creating a patch of fabric.

9. When finished, cut the thread, leaving a small tail. There is no need to weave in any ends or knotting them.

10. On the right side, you will only see a small woven patch. With wash and wear, the darn will integrate even better with the fabric.

Hope this is fun & fulfilling & your favourite knitwear lives on for years & years.
xxx Luna