Wool Days … knitting with provenance July 3rd, 2016

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Knitting with Provenance - a lovely knit event with Luna Gallery knitted merino wool blankets

Wool Days has created a beautiful business sourcing Australian wool … supporting & championing the sheep & their farmers.
Their wool is single origin & breed specific, sourced directly from responsible & passionate Australian sheep farmers & processed in mills with strict environmental benchmarks.
Scout wool comes from Eden Valley Farm in Dumbleyung, Western Australia. The 2000 hectare property was settled in 1905, and has been in the Lloyd family since 1945, with Ross and Terri Lloyd as the current owners (sheepdogs Jeff & Dot help out too). The property has been certified Demeter Biodynamic since 1988, a system that supports & develops world class ecological & sustainable production of food and natural fibres. As well as raising sheep, Ross and Terri also grow grain crops which they process into grain flour and stockfeeds.

Eden Valley is home to 4,500 Merino sheep (originally descendants of Collinsville Merino). Since 1950 the family have been breeding their own Stud Merino Rams to do well in their Biodynamic farming system, with a quiet temperament & natural resistance to parasites, they thrive in the low rainfall environment, producing a bright white wool with a soft handle (the fibre is 21 microns).

Megan lives & breathes her passion for wool & provenance – her wool ‘Scout’ has been minimally processed following organic standards from certified biodynamic wool, so there is no nasty chemical residue hidden in the yarn – only more gorgeous wool.

We love Wool Days & we love the passion of Megan Elizabeth – a true champion for fine Australian Merino Wool.